In this Full Day LIVE Remote Workshop, you will learn the skills necessary to craft and deliver beautiful customized wedding ceremonies for your clients.  

Everything about the consultation, the ceremony preparation and planning, rehearsals and what to expect on the Wedding Day will be covered in this intensive workshop.  

Check out the Modules (below) for a full breakdown of what will be covered.

Don’t forget to check out the Cool Bonuses at the end!

Workshop Duration

  • This is full day LIVE Remote Workshop

  • Start Time: 11:00 a.m. EST

  • End Time: 4:00 p.m. EST

  • With two 10 minutes breaks

Who Should Take This Workshop

Officiants, aspiring Officiants and Celebrants or anyone who would like to learn everything about the ins and outs of crafting and delivering beautiful customized wedding ceremonies.  

Your “classroom” is wherever you choose to make it – at home, a local library, a beach house in the Jamaica – anywhere you have access to the Internet.  Your facilitator Aretha Gaskin designed this workshop to give participants the opportunity to connect with her and learn as much as possible in the allotted time.

Workshop Modules

  • See below for all Workshop Modules.

Workshop Facilitator

This workshop will be facilitated by Aretha Gaskin, Multi Award Winning Wedding Officiant, Certified Celebrant and Speaker.  To learn more about Aretha's work and to check out her officiating company, please visit Weddings By Aretha.

To learn what the wedding industry and couples are saying about Aretha, click here.

To check out Munaluchi Bridal's Spotlight Feature on Aretha, click here.

Workshop Cost — $597

So, though this is the Ceremony Workshop (not the Business Workshop) I’ve included this module at the beginning because its critical to know HOW to properly conduct a client consultation so that you’re actually booking clients to create ceremonies for. Lackluster consultation performance/presentation will result in no booked clients.  

Module 1A – The Inquiry

  1. The 3 types of Officiant Service Inquires and how to best handle them

  2. The 3 things you MUST have on your website to get the inquiries rolling in

  3. How to detect fake inquiries and what to do with them

  4. Best practices for handing all inquiries types

  5. 5 Best practices for client inquiry forms

  6. A close look at Aretha’s Inquiry forms

Module 1B – The Consultation

  1. How to rock the initial consultation

  2. How to prepare for and what to include in the consultation

  3. Your 6 important Talking Points for the consultation

  4. The 6 questions you absolutely MUST ask during the consultation

  5. How to end the Consultation with a Call-To-Action (CTA) for the couple

Module 1C – The Booking

  1. How to on-board the Client/Couple

  2. The Welcome Package

  3. What to include in the welcome package

  4. Who should receive the welcome package

  5. How to correctly jump-start the ceremony planning process


A behind the scenes look at Aretha’s:

  1. Consultation Process

  2. Consultation Forms

  3. Ceremony Questionnaire

In this module, you’ll learn my entire process for booking and taking care of my clients from beginning to end. This is me pulling the curtains back on the entire process that has made my business successful.


A full review and Life Cycle of one of my Ideal Clients (recent wedding) that includes:

  1. The Bride’s Inquiry

  2. Aretha’s Response

  3. Conducting the Consultation

  4. Booking the Couple

  5. Requesting/Processing Payment

  6. Service Agreement Preparation

  7. Subsequent Meetings

  8. The Ceremony Questionnaire

  9. Crafting the Ceremony

  10. Running The Rehearsal

  11. The Wedding Day

  12. After The Wedding

  13. Requesting and Collecting the Testimonial

  14. Getting the Images & Video


A close look at Aretha's Style For Working With Her Couples.

The wedding ceremony is the MOST IMPORTANT part of the wedding day.  It is what sets the tone for the rest of the celebrations and indeed the rest of the couple’s lives.  It should be handled with respect and care and collaborating with a couple to put together their ceremony can be one of the most exciting, challenging and fun processes you'll go through in your business.

Today's couples are very savvy and know what they DON'T want in their ceremony.  The wedding ceremony should NOT look and sound like something they've seen before.  No couple will pay hundreds of dollars for a cookie cutter ceremony that they've seen in a church or on TV a hundred times or worse, a ceremony that you've pulled off Google and just added their names.  It's just not going work.  

To be able to seamlessly infuse the couple's personalities into the ceremony is the hallmark of ceremony customization.  The goal here is to make the couple and their guests feel like they experienced — experience is they key word here — something unique.

In this module, we will dive into the many components of a wedding ceremony and how to fully customize it so it looks, sound and feel like the couple.  

Module 3A – The Ceremony Planning Meetings

  1. 5 Tips to conducting your ceremony planning meetings like a Boss!

  2. Frequency / Meeting Topics / Collaborations, etc.

  3. Tools and Resources

Module 3B – The Rehearsal

  1. Tips for Rehearsal Preparation

  2. Overview on HOW to run the rehearsal

  3. Tips for dealing with the rehearsal venue

Module 3C – Crafting The Ceremony

  1. The components of a fully customized wedding ceremony

  2. The difference between a “regular” ceremony and a “full customized ceremony”

  3. How to use the ceremony questionnaire to gather info the ceremony

  4. The 5-step recipe for crafting a customized wedding ceremony

  5. The 5-step recipe for crafting the couple’s love-story

  6. Where to incorporate the love-story inside the ceremony

  7. The 5 steps for beautifully delivering the ceremony

  8. Developing your speaking style

  9. A conversation with one of Aretha’s Brides about HER wedding ceremony.


A behind the scenes look at Aretha's ceremony writing style

Module 4 – The Wedding Day

After much planning and preparation, the big day has arrived, and you’re pumped and ready. This module covers everything you need to know to have a successful wedding ceremony for you and the couple.

  1. Tips for a successful wedding day

  2. Dealing with emergencies and difficult family dynamics

  3. Tips for working with other wedding industry professionals (e.g. DJ, Videographer, etc.)

  4. The Paperwork/License (super important!)

  5. Tips for putting the couple at ease before and during the ceremony

  6. 5 Wedding Day DON’TS


A behind the scenes look at Aretha's wedding day routine.

Now that the ceremony is over, your work is actually NOT done. There are things that needs to be handled (besides processing the Marriage License) to build your business and make it a success.  

MODULE 6: post ceremony matters

  1. Processing the Marriage License

  2. Collecting images and building your Portfolio

  3. 5 Tips for collecting Testimonials

  4. Best practices for following up


A behind the scenes look at Aretha’s Testimonial Collection Processes

A behind the scenes look at Aretha’s Post Ceremony Processes

I’ve created these high-value chock-full of Bonus Goodies for my students – dive in!!  

BONUS #1: Group Calls

  1. Access to Live Group Calls where you can bring your burning questions on clients, marketing, pricing etc. in a group setting.

BONUS #2: One-On-One Time

  1. This 1-hour complimentary one-on-one mentoring session is available only for students who have take BOTH the Ceremony Workshop and the Business Workshop.

  2. In this Free Session you can ask questions and get personalized mentoring.


  • Tips on Attire & Etiquette

  • Microphones and Cool Tools

  • Connecting with Industry Pros

  • Recommended Reading


Swipe Files:

  • Service Agreement

  • Sample Inquiry Responses

  • Sample Ceremony Structure

  • Sample Ceremony Questionnaire

  • Sample Ceremony Planning Emails


Recommended Reading: